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Rembrandt BuildersCustom craftsmanship on your lot

When you initially contact us to schedule a consultation, we’ll want to know a bit about your project: the scope of your needs, the desired time frame, your lot location or desired location, and your budget. We’ll then set a date and time for your consultation -- we have quite flexible schedules so we can work around yours. At the consultation, we will review your project in more detail and help you visualize the possibilities. This meeting can be conducted in person at our office, your home, or your desired lot to discuss feasibility and practicability.

Based on what you’ve shared with us at the consultation, we’ll prepare a Pre-construction Agreement. Within a few weeks we will create a front elevation, 1st, 2nd or possibly 3rd floor plans.  We are experts at working within your budget. If the lot is a challenge we also arrange preliminary site engineering to determine design parameters. From these we generate fixed pricing and specifications according to your lifestyle.  The fee for this preliminary phase varies depending on the size of the home. From the beginning you will play an essential role in the design process and in selecting materials and products (that is, if you want to!) We have our own in-house designer if you want to have little to no involvement in the decision-making. The design process can take as little as a few weeks, but largely depends on the project’s complexity and your availability for design meetings.

Next, we will prepare a Construction Agreement based on the decisions we’ve made together. When you sign this agreement, you are hiring Rembrandt Builders to start construction. At this time, you’ll also receive a payment schedule that corresponds with the various stages of construction and delivery dates for major components. Several factors can affect a project’s completion time, including permit application reviewal and utility companies. We always tell customers to expect completion 12 months after they find a lot. The actual construction period, after we receive permits, takes approximately 6-8 months. We have our own crew of carpenters, excavators, brick and stone masons, plumber, electricians, and landscapers. We will give you a comprehensive timeline before any construction begins, so you can anticipate each phase.