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'Tis the turn off your hose bibs!

This upcoming winter is expected to be even harsher than last years! During the colder months, if water pipes are left on, they tend to freeze which causes them to expand and burst. Most of the time these pipes freeze within exterior walls of homes. If a pipe bursts there, water tends to gush into adjoining rooms or the basement.

One step you can take to prevent any freezing and bursting pipes is to turn off the outside hose bibs. A general rule of thumb to winterize your hose bib is to turn than off just before Thanksgiving and leave them off until around Easter time when it starts to warm up again. The process of doing this is pretty simple.

First, locate and close the inside cutoff valve(s), located in the basement mechanical room of our homes. A “Hose Bib” tag will dangle from both valves. Then open the valve on the outside. This should do the trick. As always, if you have any questions about this give us a call!

See ‘The Science of Frozen Pipes’ here.