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Truck Touch 2014

Here are a few photos from the Truck Touch event held at Suburban Nursery School over the past weekend. We brought over our Caterpillar 299 track loader with a tree mulching attachment and a New Holland Skid-Steer loader. They had anticipated about 800 people coming the end about 1500 people came through! Needless to say, Jim got a good work out from lifting all those kids into the trucks! And a big congrats to Suburban Nursery School for raising over $10,000. We look forward to contributing trucks for future events.

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Considering Radiant Floor Heating?

Imagine living in a home where you feel comfortable all the time, without having to worry about vents whooshing, radiators clanking, and dust particles constantly circulating throughout the air. That is the major appeal of radiant floor heating.

The inventor of Warmboard, Terry Alsberg, created this particular radiant floor heating product because his son suffered from severe asthma. He told us last week in a meeting that the installation of Warmboard in his own home improved the severity of his son’s asthma exponentially.

Radiant heated floors are invisible, which makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing interior of a home. The warmth is created through hot water tubes (hydronic system) that are installed underneath the floor in a loopy zig-zag pattern to cover the entire floor plan. The heat then rises through the floor, instantly warming anything that comes into contact with the floor.

The cost of this product including installation can range anywhere between $10 and $14 per square foot. You will also still need an air-conditioning system for cooling. Initially, the price can be quite daunting, but the efficiency of this project is something to definitely take into consideration when making a decision. Radiant systems can be up to 30% more efficient than forced-air heating, depending on how well the house is insulated.

There is absolutely no comparison when it comes to feeling comfortable. The floor temperature will always be even, uniform, and exquisitely comfortable.



We recently had an extremely informative meeting with Susan Turner from Charter One Bank regarding their construction-to-permanent financing. This is THE BEST deal I have heard to-date. Here are some of the key advantages Susan pointed out:

  • True ONE-TIME close
  • Closing costs on LOT and LOAN only, not on full purchase price
  • LOCK-IN TODAY’S RATE for 30 year fixed (or ARM’s)
  • Potential TAX DEDUCTION for any existing home that is donated and will be torn down anyway

Look at the construction loan as one big credit card. It doesn’t have to be more complicated and more expensive than it should be. It’s never too early to explore your options.

For more information, contact Susan Turner directly (301) 651-2174 or