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HomeKit is Apple’s home automation system for developers. It is made up of multiple levels of control and services for everything electronic in your home. With this system, our iPhones and iPads can communicate and control most aspects of our homes, including lights, speakers, security systems, thermostats, and more. You can do this locally at home, or remotely if you’re away.
HomeKit is based on a “Home Manager” which is basically the home screen of the service. From there you can start by naming your different homes if you have more than one. For example, “Beach,” “Main,” or “Vacation”. Then, you will categorize and name each room within each home that you would like to control. Each name has to be unique for you and Siri to recognize correctly. Rooms can be organized together into “Zones” such as “Basement” or “First Floor”. “Rooms” are what contain your “Accessories” such as speakers, locks, lights, etc. Each of those accessories has different “Services” which allows you to control each accessory through your smart device.
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