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Home automation retrofits

It’s just been brought to our attention that there are several more options out there in terms of home automation which can be tied into your alarm system. Most of our homes are wired with Vector Security. Vector now offers security cameras, locks, lights, and thermostats all to be wired with the security system. In addition, a component can be linked to the electric garage door that allows the customers to see if the door is up or down as well as the ability to open/close the overhead door.

One new feature that really drew my attention, because it is a main worry of several of our customers, is a water sensor in the basement. This sensor will send a signal to the Vector monitoring center as well as an email/text to the customer if there is a water problem. The water will be automatically shut off and the customer will be notified immediately.

These are all options that can be retrofitted into your existing system. These are also items to consider when designing/planning to build a new home. We will start incorporating these features in our upcoming spec homes, first being 6422 Brookes Lane, Bethesda MD.

If you’re as excited about these features as we are and would like to find out more about these features, give Mickey Mitchell from Vector Security a call or email. His number is 410-960-7245 and email is